Monday, March 5, 2012

Paradise 21 by Aubrie Dionne - Review

 Synopsis: Aries has lived her entire life aboard mankind's last hope, the New Dawn, a spaceship traveling toward a planet where mankind can begin anew- a planet that won't be reached in Aries' lifetime. As one of the last genetically desirable women in the universe,she must marry her designated genetic match and produce the next generation for this centuries long voyage. 

But Aries has other plans. 

When her desperate escape from the New Dawn strands her on a desert planet, Aries discovers rumors about pirates - humans who have escaped her before its demise - are true. Handsome, genetically imperfect Striker possess the freedom Aries' envies, and the two connect on a level she never thought possible. But pursued by her match from above and hunted by the planet's native inhabitants, Aries quickly learns freedom will come at a hefty price. 

The life of the man she loves. From Amazon.

My Thoughts: Paradise 21 by Aubrie Dionne has a very interesting concept. Earth was finally destroyed by humans, and the people left on space ships. Well some of the people. Aries is part of the Lifers who are traveling for hundreds of years to find a new home. Their entire lives are controlled by computer decisions. 

Striker is a pirate. His ancestors were deemed genetically imperfect and left to die on Earth. They stole ships and now Striker has dedicated his life to finding a new world to live on. He has been marooned on Sahara 354, because his crew mutinied and left him. I have to say, even though Stiker is marooned on one scary, dry, hot planet, his life is still better.

When Aries escapes the ship she's always landed on and crash lands on Sahara 354, Striker saves her life. This planet is amazing! Aubrie did an amazing job creating this world and all it's creatures. The descriptions of the raiders and the sand worms are brilliant. This would be a CGI dream. 

Aries is so brave to leave everything she has ever known. Striker is a perfect male lead character. He is strong, self sufficient, and good looking. The other characters in this story were amazing. I enjoyed reading this book from different characters' perspectives. I think it really added to the characters and to the story.

This book was an awesome ride! There were fights, danger, adventures, rescue missions, and romance. I enjoyed every moment and I was never quite sure what would happen next. Be sure to stop back by tomorrow to read my review of the next book in the A New Dawn series, Tundra 37, and an interview with the author Aubrie Dionne.


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  2. Thank you so much for this wonderful review! I'm so excited that you enjoyed it!