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White Night by Kathi Haacke Morehead - Excerpt

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White Night BookCover croppedJoanna Anderson Campbell lived the perfect life ... loving daughter and sister, loyal friend, faithful wife, and devoted mother. She was happy and content. What more could she have asked for? Life could not have been better. At least ... that's what she believed. Until she died. Can death teach the most valuable lessons about life? Jo Campbell is about to find out.

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Excerpt: Chapter 6: Unrest

I am beside myself with rage. 

You profess to know me so well, to be my “soul”, yet you don’t seem to know me at all. I lived a good life. I had an idyllic childhood, a wonderful family, a career that I loved. Friends. Everything. If I am so flawed as a human being, how is it possible that I had so much happiness in my life?

“I would never say you were flawed. Because you weren’t and aren’t. But there is one big thing noticeably absent from the curriculum vitae you just cited. And you haven’t hit on it yet. And until you do, we continue this dance because there is no resolution without it.”

I loathe you.

“Guess what? I don’t care. Let’s talk about Max."

My fury is unabated and off the scale.

No. We will NOT talk about Max. Not now, not ever. You are attempting to sully everything I have held dear, and I will not allow you to use Max against me.

“Use Max against you? That’s rich. Projecting much?”

I feel an unreasonable calm from head to toe. It is almost as though I have been pushed through a vortex that has stripped all emotion from me. I am not only calm, my anger is lethal.

You have made it clear that your survival depends on me and my choices. I am making a choice right now. You will never, ever mention Max to me again or I will shut this, whatever “this” is, down right now. Are we clear?

Kathi - White Night Author PicAbout the author: Kathi Haacke Morehead makes her fiction debut with WHITE NIGHT. She is the author of HEART BLEED: Letting go and stanching the flow, and THE BEST FROM THE CHEAP SEATS. She has also written numerous articles for Mind Body Green, and Boomeon. She also blogs daily at A View From the Cheap Seats Today. Kathi lives in Brunswick with her husband Dave and their four finicky felines. Her motto is "love and laugh!"        

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Thundered Hearts by Rae Z. Ryans - Review

thunderedEveryone knows the truth except her. Nineteen-year-old Beth lives in a world of Creek Indian myth, magic, and lies created by her family to keep her Power weakened. Spirit Walkers harness the elements. Storms brew spewing her electrical energy over her hometown. Weaved into her spiritual journey is her birthright, but her family and the Native American Mandate bars her from fulfilling the destiny set by The One Above. Lucien needs her help. She saved his life once before. But three years ago, her best friend stormed from her life, ridiculing her and leaving invisible gashes sliced into her heart. Persevering on the surface, she dreams of fighting the terror haunting her town and the man who stole and broke her heart. Her chance arises in the wake of The Green Corn Festival. Lucien arrives sick on her doorstep, but she isn’t a medicine woman. Despite the pain he causes her, she cannot let him die. Faced with the truth of her world, Beth must decide. Does she save the man she secretly loves to hate or does she fulfill her destiny?

My Thoughts: Thundered Hearts is very fast paced and exciting. I loved all the Native American heritage that was weaved throughout the story. I also loved all the mystery and magic. The entire book was like a huge puzzle to figure out.

Beth is a brave young woman trying to find the truth in her life. After constant lies and pain she really struggles with who to trust. That is a major part of this book. With every lie that is revealed Beth struggles. I felt bad for her, and frustrated, too. Her give and take with Lucien is full of angst and love. Sometimes I wasn't sure myself if I loved or hated him.

I really enjoyed this book. At times I felt a little lost as the story unraveled, but it added something to how Beth must have felt. I would love to read something else about Beth and Lucien, or even something more from this world. It is captivating.


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About the author:

Rae Z. Ryans PhotoRae Z. Ryans currently resides in Tumbleweed, Alabama, with her family, and belongs to the Romance Writers of America. Published since the age of fourteen, Rae now enjoys writing romantic, erotic, fantasy/paranormal stories, and poetry. Her name pays homage to her brothers: Specialist Ryan D. Rexon and Zachary U. Berthot. She is currently working on Death Spurs Desire and Afflicted (Book Three in Beyond the Brothel Walls) Facebook | Twitter | Literary Addicts | Pinterest | Goodreads | Blog

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I received an e-copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Eclair Meets a Gypsy by M. Weidenbenner - Review


Cover Front - Gypsies 04Éclair Meets a Gypsy

M. Weidenbenner, Author Melody Duval, Illustrator AWARD-WINNING and BEST-SELLING AUTHOR Kay Kline, retired first-grade teacher, “A fun chapter book with just enough magic and reality. Adults will enjoy it too!” Vie Herlocker, author and editor, “Funny...entertaining... Éclair resembles a modern-day Junie B. Jones.” “Kid-friendly… page-turning fun… adventure with real-life challenges,” said Crystal Bowman, best-selling children’s book author and speaker. Early Reader for girls first – third grade. (6-8 years old) Eccentric Grandma Stella is taking in boarders. Not the kind that talk, but the kind that neigh. Horses. When seven-year-old Éclair meets the first boarder and its owner, a girl Éclair’s age who’s dressed like a gypsy, the girl says her horse can read minds and will cast a spell on Éclair. Does the horse really have magic? If so, maybe the horse could make Éclair’s secret wish come true.

My Thoughts: I really enjoyed reading Eclair Meets a Gypsy. Eclair is a sweet little girl with a lot going on in her life. Her reactions to her little sister were great, since I've seen the same thing with my own girls. I love the horses in this book, and how Eclair interacts with them. Grandma Stella rocks. She sounds like a blast to be with.

I would recommend this book to parents looking for something sweet for their kids. It is a fast and easy read filled with a lot of fun. My eight year old read both of Eclair's books and she loved them. I plan to start reading them with my six year old next. I can't wait to find out with my girls what happens in Eclair's world next.


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michelle wAbout the author:

Michelle grew up in the burbs of Detroit with five brothers. No sisters. Each time her mom brought the boy bundle home from the hospital she cried, certain her mom liked boys better than girls. But when her brothers pitched in with the cooking, cleaning, and babysitting, without drama, she discovered having brothers wasn’t so bad. They even taught her how to take direct criticism without flinching, which comes in handy with book reviews. When she’s not writing she’s winning ugly on the tennis court. She’s known as “Queen of the Rim Shots.” No joke. It’s ugly.

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 I received an e-copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Riding for Redemption by Bonnie R. Paulson - Review


RR2FrontDesperate to find her place in the world, Sara Beth dreams of applying for the Miss Wrangler Montana competition that tours with the rodeo circuit.
Riding horses has become her anchor until a near fatal accident takes more from her than she’d ever willingly sacrifice.

Determined to prove his business training, Johnny seeks out the Rourke family to call in an old favor. When he embroils himself in Sara Beth’s life, he has to prove they’re nothing more than friends.

Seeking independence, both Sara Beth and Johnny lean on each other more and more, until love threatens their friendship. Will they seek out each other or be confused by their dreams?

Can either of them leave their past and embrace their future?

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My Thoughts: Riding for Redemption is the second book in the Redemption Series. I didn't read the first book and I still loved this book. I would suggest that you do read Romancing Redemption first. I plan to go back and read it to find out Rosie's story. Riding for Redemption is a very sweet love story. It is a fast read with wonderful characters.

I love Sara Beth. I'm all about character growth, and Sara Beth's growth is amazing. It's actually really beautiful reading about her journey after her accident. By the end of the book I felt proud of her. Johnny is trying to find his own way and in the process he helps Sara Beth to find hers. I loved their relationship and how their initial attraction to each other slowly developed into something more.

I'd recommend this book to anyone who loves a nice romance, but be prepared to want more when you finish reading. I can't wait for the next book. The good thing is that I can go back and read Paulson's Lonely Lace Series while I wait.



Bonnie R. Paulson mixes her science and medical background with reality and possibilities to make even myths seem likely and give every romance the genetic strength to survive. Bonnie has discovered a dark and twisty turn in her writing that she hopes you enjoy as much as she has enjoyed uncovering it. Dirt biking with her family in the Northwest keeps her sane.
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