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Inspirational Quotes by Shane Belceto - Review and Excerpt

Title: Inspirational Quotes: Social Media Findings To Inspire & Motivate
Author: Shane Belceto

Synopsis: Not your typical quote book, more like a hand book for achieving your goals through inspirational quotes.
Designed to inspire and lift your spirit, this book is a great resource to increase your awareness and encourage you through life's difficult struggles. It includes a place to record your own ideas as you reflect on each quote. This collection is not designed as a traditional book that you read once from cover to cover. It is a book that you can jump around in from place to place to find encouragement when you need it. Keep this book on hand as you plant the seeds of your dreams and take action to watch them grow.
This book contains inspirational and motivational quotes including topics such as success, attitude, vision, life, personal power, choice, strength, possibilities, and so much more. These are quotes that were shared from individuals you may recognize from both past and present time. In addition to each inspiring quote, the author shares his own insights into further meanings of the quote, offering suggestions for steps that we can each take towards creating positive change in our lives
These pages offer plenty of room for recording your own thoughts, becoming seeds of ideas to plant and care for. Keep coming back to this little book of inspiration, as you use it as your BIG idea journal to refer to for encouragement and motivation each and every day. From Amazon.

My Thoughts: I really enjoyed reading Inspirational Quotes. The layout of the book is very appealing. On one page there is the inspirational quote, as well as who posted it, and who said it. On the following page is an interpretation of the quote, actions steps, and an area for personal reflection. I love that. As I am going through I can jot down my thoughts, so I can come back to them.

The quotes are from a variety of people. From John Lennon to Walt Disney, Dr. Seuss to Abraham Lincoln. I liked reading what all these people have said that others can now use as inspiration. The great thing about the commentary of each quote was that it helped to show what each quote meant. Then, the action steps showed you how you could use that quote in your life. I loved the action steps. Many of them gave you writing prompts to place in the reflection area, or ways to brighten your day by implementing what the quote suggests. 

This book would make a wonderful gift. It is an easy read that a person could look through at their leisure, as they need a little inspiration. 

About the Author: Shane Belceto has overcome a variety of challenges in both life and business. Never mind the fact that he is visually impaired, he never let a thing called "sight" get in his way. Shane is a Certified Professional Life Coach, Inspirational Speaker and Author. A huge Mickey Mouse fan, loving father, and is proving to others that if he can do it, truly anyone can. From Amazon.

Lisa Saline shared: 

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all."

- Oscar Wilde 

We see it so often: People just going through the motions, living the “same old same old” each day.  Our lives are truly a gift and, to “live” them is our choice.  We are given our dreams to have something fulfilling to live for and to pursue.  Holding ourselves back stops us from taking advantage of this short time we have to pursue our dreams.  Choose to go after life and really live it!

Action Steps:
Ask yourself if you are really living your life? Write down your answers to this and reflect on it. 

Write down any changes you would like to make, dreams, or desires you have.

Now take the steps to do, be, and have each of these, and go “live” life today!

If you would like to purchase your own copy of Inspirational Quotes by Shane Belceto you can do so on Amazon.

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I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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  1. Thank you so much Melissa for your time and energy. I am excited a busy mom like yourself was able to find value in the book. As a stay at home dadI know how our days can get away from us and we don't find the time for ourselves.

    I wonder that quote you pulled out is a great one ... might you share more with us what you got from that particular quote? What made you choose that one from the others?

    Thank YOU again =)
    ~Expect Miracles