Sunday, February 5, 2012

WiSpY by Rob Andrews

Synopsis: A young blogger has the ultimate on-line encounter; a spirit partner who introduces him to a world he must master to save his own. A ghost in the machine? Adam is a 19 year old blogger who lives in his mother’s basement and who is dealing with a critically ill friend. A simple reply to a blog fan e-mail begins a relationship with Pretoria, a a beautiful and mysterious young woman. Pretoria guides him into ‘the Realm’, a spirit world where he discovers he is a powerful force for the protection and survival of human kind. As Pretoria reintroduces Adam to the Realm and his place in it, he realizes that she is not only trying to reclaim him for the sake of humanity, but also for the spirit world and herself. Facing a powerful evil , Adam re-engages with the Realm in order to save his friend and the human world while re-discovering why he had tried to escape it in the first place. As a battle within the Realm reaches its climax, Adam must finally choose between his human and his spirit form, or lose both. -From

My thoughts: When WiSpY by Rob Andrews was brought to my attention, with a chance for a review, I was intrigued. It holds two things that I found interesting. First is that it is paranormal. I have been reading a lot of paranormal books lately, but none dealt with spirit realms like this one. I figured this would be a first. The second thing that drew me to this, was that it is a book about a blogger. How perfect!

I was pulled into the story immediately. Andrews has a wonderful way of describing everything. Adam's personality was very interesting. He stated what he thought, and got right down to things. I really liked that. He made a wonderful protagonist in this story. I also loved Pretoria. She was a take charge spirit who was also loving and patient with Adam. She showed him the way back to who he truly was, and helped him save the world. Tony's role was fun and I loved reading his comments and his worry about Adam. The other spirits were well described. 

Learning the different spirits that formed the Realm was interesting. There was danger, love, and suspense in this book. I was constantly wondering what was going to happen next. I also really wonder about Adam and Pretoria's back story. It was touched upon several times but I just wonder what else they did in the past. 

I will be recommending this book to others. If you enjoy paranormal fiction then definitely give WiSpY a try. I wonder what Andrews will come up with next...

Rating: 5 out of 5
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I received a copy of this e-book for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own


  1. This book is right up my alley! I love anything involving paranormal stuff! Great review! I need to check it out!

  2. I have never read paranormal fiction before. I think I might have nightmares. Thanks for the review, though...I'll definitely share with my reader friends.

  3. I do like the paranormal stuff even tho it kinda scares me a bit. Thanks for the review :)

  4. OOh I am a blogger and this is creepy (but it looks good!)