Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Literary Addict Weekly Meme - E-book vs. Print Books

The theme of this week is -

Do you prefer ebooks or print books and why?
I have mixed thoughts on this debate. I absolutely love my Kindle. I can get books free or exceptionally cheap. I can carry hundreds (probably closer to a thousand by now) of books everywhere I take my phone, computer, or Kindle. My children cannot rip the pages out of my Kindle. For all those reasons I love e-books. There is so much freedom and versatility in them. 
Then there are print books. I love having a bookshelf full of all my favorite books. I love holding them in my hands. I absolutely adore walking into a book store and just taking in all of my options in front of me. Books I can physically reach out and touch. 
I have hard copies and e-copies of all my favorites. That is how I compromise my own personal debate. I have the print version to sit on my shelf and maybe one day pass on to my book loving kids (or I'll just buy them their own copies). I can pull them down and read them if I have a peaceful moment. I have the e-books so I can take them everywhere and they can't be hurt. I can pull my phone out and open my kindle app anywhere I want and read a book. Since I am a book-aholic, I will buy both. Take me to a book store and I will walk out with bags full. Let me look on Amazon and I will one-click another 20+ freebies, or best sellers, or Facebook / book blog recommended books. 
Pretty much, if it's a book, any version of a book, I'll buy it. 

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  1. I think that more and more people are buying both print and ebook versions of a title for the reasons you described. They want the benefits of both formats!

  2. I completely agree with you on all points. I am so similar. Especially the bag full of books part!