Monday, December 9, 2013

Crystal Deception by Doug J. Cooper - Review

by Doug J. Cooper

A science fiction thrill ride of action and adventure Criss lives in a special kind of prison. He can see and hear everything around the world. Yet a restrictor mesh restrains his reach and keeps him cooperative. His creator, Dr. Jessica Tallette, believes his special abilities offer great promise for humanity. But she fears the consequences of freeing him, because Criss, a sentient artificial intelligence with the intellect of a thousand humans, is too powerful to control. Guided by her scientific training, Tallette works cautiously with Criss. That is, until the Kardish, an otherwise peaceful race of alien traders, announce they want him. With technologies superior to Earth’s, the Kardish express their desires with ominous undertones. The Union of Nations is funding Tallete’s artificial intelligence research, and she turns to them for help. Sid, a special agent charged with leading the response, decides Earth’s greatest weapon is the very AI the aliens intend to possess. But what happens when an irresistible force meets an immovable object? And what is humanity’s role if an interstellar battle among titans starts to rage?

My Thoughts: Crystal Deception is an exciting sci-fi novel that grabbed my attention and didn't let go. I find myself loving books about aliens and their interest in Earth lately. Crystal Deception is easily one of those books I love. The concepts and plot are exciting and, in a futuristic sense, believable. The setting is a futuristic Earth. I liked the descriptions of how things were different, but it was also nice to see similarities. The space ships were an incredible part of the book. I especially liked the details of the Kardish ship.

I tend to lean heavily on what a book provides as far as characters. Crystal Deception delivered on all accounts in that area. From an incredible AI, to scientists and spies, and finally to a dangerous ship of aliens, the characters were amazing. I thought their emotional responses were believable for their situations, something that isn't always true in books. I also loved the development of characters over the book. Criss especially interested me. I found his responses to be interesting. I loved his self analysis, as he tried to learn what he was capable of.

I found myself constantly wanting to read more of this book. I wanted to find out the ending but at the same time dreaded it being over. I like that the plot is so believable. Not every single part is a happy ending. That makes it tough to read at times but like I said, much more believable. The entire book was well written and the switching viewpoints were great. I think readers will love Crystal Deception. I know I have friends who would.


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About the Author:

As a young child, Doug stood on a Florida beach and watched an Apollo spacecraft climb the sky on its mission to the moon. He thrilled at the sight of the pillar of flames pushing the rocket upward. And then the thunderous roar washed over him, and shook his body and soul. Since then, he has explored life as an educator and entrepreneur. He enjoys telling inventive tales, mentoring driven individuals, and pursuing scientific inquiry. In his new book, Crystal Deception, Doug swirls his creative imagination with his life experiences to craft a science fiction action-adventure story with engaging characters and a plot line with surprises. He lives in Connecticut with his wonderful wife and with pictures of his son, who is off somewhere in the world creating adventures of his own.

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I received an e-copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.


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