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Seclusion by C.S. Rinner - Review

Title: Seclusion
Author: C.S. Rinner

Synopsis: Raegan wasn't normal, even before she was abandoned on her aunt’s doorstep. Not extreme makeup or ugly clothes different, but psychic visions and healing powers different. Either way, in high school, different is bad. This curse has kept her from having the life she’s always wanted. When an invitation to attend Dr. Ezekiel Drake’s Science Academy offers her the chance to meet more teenagers with special abilities, Raegan seizes the opportunity for a normal life.

The school seems perfect, offering her new friends, a new boyfriend, and a new normal, until Raegan's psychic powers link her to a dark stranger. She finds herself inexplicably attracted and connected to this mysterious boy who threatens to change her newfound happiness. Worse than merely causing trouble with her boyfriend, this link forces Raegan to look deeper into the world she’s entered, and what she learns makes her realize that being different isn’t the worst thing that could happen to her. From Amazon.

My Thoughts: I was very excited to get the chance to read Seclusion. The cover is awesome and the synopsis got my attention, two main things that help me choose a book to read. I got right into the book and it definitely had me hooked. On a few occasions I felt like parts were a little forced, but it didn’t distract me from the story.

I loved the characters. Raegan is the main character, and she is a great main character. Her relationship skills with boys may be a little wishy-washy, but then again she’s never dated, so I actually liked watching her learn about the different kinds of love she could feel for a person. I also loved that she gets to grow so much throughout the book, not just her personality and confidence, but also her abilities.

Damen, Chase, and Jay; where to begin? The guys in this story did have a major affinity towards Raegan, perhaps a little unbelievable, but it still worked out well. Damen and Jay, both tall dark and handsome, and Chase a classic jock, yeah Raegan had her hands full. Damen was broody and stand offish, Jay was happy and fun, and Chase was serious and loyal. Again, one of my favorite parts was watching their abilities grow. It was great to see their relationships with Raegan evolve as well. I almost wish things had ended differently with the guys, but really it was very sweet.

As far as secondary characters and villains go, I enjoyed them all. Raegan’s other friends, Elsie and Connor were great. They were a cute couple, and immediately took up with Raegan helping her in some possibly dangerous missions. I never expected the villains in this book; I was pretty sure it was going to go a different way, so that was an awesome twist.

All together this book was a great read. I was completely invested in the outcome, and I wanted to read more. I noticed a few little things here and there that could be fixed, but they didn’t take away from how much I loved the book. I thought it was exciting and it had originality to it, and it was made relatable with current pop culture references. I would suggest this book to people who enjoy paranormal romance. I think this is a perfect first book for budding author, C. S. Rinner, and I hope eventually she is pulled to write more about these characters. 


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About the Author: I'm an avid reader and enjoy a good story line and entertaining characters. I hope my book is an easy and enjoyable read! I'm currently working on the first book of a vampire trilogy which I hope gives a different and new perspective to the typical vampire romance. As far as Seclusion goes, I see maybe a prequel and Jay's story in the future. 

I am a family first type of person. I love spending time with family and friends. Which takes up the majority of my time. 

Writing has been a new adventure and I loved every moment of creation. I appreciate your time and support as well as reviews!

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I received an e-copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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