Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Literary Addicts Meme - Stalker Day!

The theme of this week is Stalker Day!

Pick your favorite author that you love to stalk and just can’t get enough of!

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Wow, I have to try and narrow this down to just one author! I won't lie, I am a serial author stalker. The list of authors is long and a bit mixed. Any time a book catches my attention I start searching for any other books by that author. I look at their Amazon page, read their blog if they have one, "like" their Facebook page, subscribe to their newsletter, ect. You get the picture, right? 

So, if I am picking just one author... S.C. Stephens. She is an amazing author. I started with her Conversion series, since I was on a serious paranormal romance kick. Her books were free then, so I grabbed all the ones she had available. I loved her vampires (or a "little bit" vampires). Then I moved on to loving Collision Course and It's All Relative. I didn't think she could top Teren or Kai, but I gave her the benefit of a doubt and moved on to Thoughtless. 

Enter Kellan Kyle and, yeah, Stephens totally outdid herself. From Thoughtless to Effortless, I loved Kellan and Kiera's story, loved the D-Bags, loved the drama, the romance, the lies. Now I am waiting for Effortless, the third book in Kellan and Kiera's story. Stephens is sneaky, releasing a playlist, pictures, quotes, and excerpts that have caused some serious speculation about the couple's status through the book. March 5th cannot get here soon enough!

Stephens is humble in her success. Quick to thank anyone who recognizes her talent as an author, and she always seems surprised at how many people love her work. She is also always promoting other authors to her readers. Thanks to her I found K.A. Linde and Jamie McGuire. 

S.C. Stephens' Links

Authors who deserve an honorable mentions, because I stalk the crap out of them, too. Nicky Charles, K.A. Linde, Jamie McGuire, Evangeline Anderson, J. Meyers, Jolene Perry, Shadow Stephens, Aubrie Dionne, Melissa McPhail, and James Patterson. There are more, but we'd be here a while.


  1. O.o I will have to looks into Stephens. You have me interested! I am really enjoying Stalker Day

  2. I will check her out. You definitely made me curious with your description over how wonderful she is!

  3. Oh another author to add! I haven't heard of her before.

  4. I've never heard of her before, but if it's paranormal (even just a bit), i'm there. My favorite reason to read the genre is to see everyone's "take".

  5. I agree - paranormal, fantasy - I want to read it.