Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Weigh in Wednesday (1)

Weigh in Wednesday is a meme started by Epilogue. A topic is picked and the each blogger writes a short post with which side they are on. 
Today's Topic:
E-book vs. Print Book

So, what a hard choice. I love my Kindle and all the great e-books. I love the easy accessibility of e-books. If I need a new one, I can get it delivered in seconds to my Kindle. If I am traveling I can tuck my Kindle in my purse and have constant access to all my books. I can get so many free e-books from Amazon. I still love to have a copy of my favorite books in print form. I love to look at my full book shelf and know that I can pass these amazing books on to my children. Wow, I'm already bad at this meme, lol. I can't pick a side!

So what about you, do you like e-books or print books? Let me know in the comments, and stop back next weeks for Contemporary vs. Fantasy! 


  1. I too have a Kindle, and we get along great! Sadly she just can't measure up to the feel, and even smell, of good ol' fashion paperbacks :)

  2. I plan on getting an e-reader at some point, but a real book will always win for me. There's just something special about them!!

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  3. I agree with everything you said! Also, any series that I've started in physical book form, I have to continue in physical book form. ;) I can't have half a series on my bookshelves and the other half on my Kindle. It wouldn't feel right!

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  4. Don't feel bad, it's hard for to choose as well. Both have advantages!
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  5. I can't pick a side either. Once I got a kindle and read on it I quite enjoyed it, but I still enjoyed a physical book too.

  6. I'm the same, in fact I think most book lovers seem to feel the same. Not all, but most. I'm a new follower, check out my post here:

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  8. I think what makes me love print books is because I can't get them as easy as ebooks. I need some efforts to own them (the money, the extra time of ordering, the space and special care to keep it), which make them more valuable to me.

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