Thursday, March 26, 2015

A Path in the Darkness by M.D. Cooper - Excerpt

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Path EbookThe colony ship Intrepid is falling into a star. The ship’s AI has lost control of the engines and core systems. Battling a saboteur who strives to isolate him, his last act is to wake Colonel Tanis Richards from stasis. Tanis finds herself alone on a dying ship, unable to contact the AI. She must discover what has happened and save the Intrepid from burning up in the star’s angry red light. Even if she is successful, the journey to the colony world of New Eden is just beginning. With decades of travel ahead, she will have to find a path in the darkness.

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 Excerpt: Jessica’s boot crashed into the steel door, forcing it open against the protests of the apartment’s occupant. The man on the other side flailed and lost his balance, hitting the floor hard. She strode through the entrance to his dingy home and he scampered back on his hands and feet like the most awkward of crabs, the expression his face one of total fear.

“Mr. Jameson,” Jessica said. “You’ve not pleased me, not pleased me at all.”

“Agent Keller, don’t kill me…please don’t kill me,” Jameson’s voice quivered.

Whoa, that sure is leaping to a conclusion, Jessica thought as she looked impassively at the cowering man who appeared near tears. She really hated getting information from crying people, especially with all the sobbing and gasping. It took a long time to calm them down and reassure them—only to threaten them again.  

It was tedious, but she softened her stance and expression.

“Jameson, are you high? I’m TBI, we don’t just shoot people. We have district attorneys that need a reason for their existence—we hand scum like you over to them.”

His eyes grew wide and he raised his hands. “You can’t do that! They’ll make me talk…and then I’m dead for sure.”

Jessica reached back and swung the door closed, or as closed as it could get after her boot had forced it open. She walked forward and Jameson continued to back away from her.

About the author:

Michael Cooper has been writing since the day he closed Return of the King and wanted more. He's written a lot of fantasy that he never tried to get published, but one day decided to try his hand at science fiction, of which he has published one book (Outsystem) and is working on the sequel, A Path in the Darkness. Michael is a software engineer at a company which builds sites and services around the open-source CMS named Drupal and enjoys the creativity involved in building web applications. When not writing stories or code Michael is spending time with his wife and daughter, or doing carpentry--a hobby which he has been growing over the years. His other interests include astronomy, cars and racing, blacksmithing, movies, and just about any creative work one can do.

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