Thursday, July 10, 2014

For Her Protection by Amber A Bardan - Review

forherprotection_msr (1)You shouldn’t mix business with pleasure. Yet pleasure seems to be the one and only thing on Charlize’s mind the moment Connor steamrollers into her life. Desperate to save her family company, prove she’s more than a pretty face and worthy of being CEO, pleasure is a distraction she can’t afford. She doesn’t want a bodyguard, especially not one whose caveman heroics kick her libido into hyper drive. But surrounded by enemies and an attacker on the loose, there’s only one man she can trust with her life. Connor knows better than to get personal with clients. Yet there couldn’t be anything more personal about his feelings for Charlize. From the moment he clapped eyes on her he wanted nothing more than to throw her over his shoulder and really give her something to scream about. He’ll get his uptight she-cat to unwind, preferably one orgasm at a time. With Connor in her office, her home, driving her to sweet, merciless distraction, there’s only so long Charlize can resist his sexy, dominant brand of protection. A Romantica® contemporary erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

My Thoughts: For Her Protection is exciting, sexy, and full of mystery. I read the entire book in one day and I wanted more. Amber A Bardan wrote a captivating story and added the perfect amount of steaminess to it. I was completely surprised by the twists in the book.

The characters are amazing. Charlize is strong and independent. She doesn't need help and she is bent on proving she can rule in what she perceives as a man's world. Connor is sexy and protective. He knows exactly how strong and stubborn Charlize is. I absolutely loved reading about them trying to overcome their differences. It made for a rocky and more realistic romance.

I think that any readers who enjoy a good mystery with some sexy romance will enjoy this book. It is definitely for the 18+ crowd. It is an awesome read and I can't wait to check out other books by Amber A Bardan.

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About the author:

Amber A Bardan
WINNER of NTRWA ‘Great Expectations’ Award 2013
2nd Place Winner Charter Oak RWA ‘Golden Oak’ Award 2013
2nd Place Winner GSRWA 2013 Emerald City Opener Contest
I received an e-copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 

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