Friday, January 10, 2014

Bond of Love by Amy Suzanne - Review

As a picturesque mother and wife, forty-one year old Avery Richards seems to have it all. Married to a successful veterinarian named Noah and mother to a spunky daughter named Kara, her life is far from awful but she is stuck. With the recent move of their daughter, who has just flown the coop for college, this story examines the deep and often-tumultuous bond between mother and child and the lengths we are willing to go to, as mothers, to sacrifice our own happiness for the ones we love. As we watch Avery walk through her ‘new’ way of daily life, without her ambitious and stubborn child around to mother any longer, we are given a very unique opportunity to tip toe in the front row of their lives, from three very separate views. We will see life as it plays out through her mature and motherly eyes, through Kara’s young and sheltered heart, and then through ‘someone else’s eyes’ that has a vested interest in them both. As Avery’s well-hidden web of lies come crashing down in an unexpected way, her secrets that she’s safeguarded for years will threaten to rip her peaceful world apart, as well as the world of the ones she loves most. As readers, we will watch how ONE single choice can alter everything. Each character will then be forced to examine what the true meaning of love and forgiveness means to them. Every gamut of emotion will be explored: humor, sadness, love, joy, betrayal, hate, and forgiveness. Bond of Love will leave you pondering the age-old question: How well do YOU actually know the ones you love most?

My Thoughts: Bond of Love has an interesting, albeit a bit creepy, story line. I wasn't sure what I expected this book to be about, but it was different for me. The writing is very descriptive. I found it easy to visualize the story, but many times I felt like it was a little too much. I think the part that was most distracting for me were the multiple similes. I think that if some of that was reduced this book could be a thriller with all the love and forgiveness the author was hoping to portray.

The characters were good. At times I became frustrated with how flighty Kara was. A girl can change her mind, but within such a short span of time and over and over, I got annoyed. Her character never wavered though, she was flighty through out the book. I liked how the story switched between the characters to give several views.

I think this book could be great. I wanted to know what would happen. I wanted to solve the mystery. I just struggled with the over telling. I usually like really long books, but I felt like this book would have been better shorter. If some of the extra parts and the descriptions were shorter, this would make a great thriller. That is the part of the book that kept me going.


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Meet the Author:

This is Amy’s second published work, the first being a memoir written exclusively for her children. As a former second grade teacher, and long time professional photographer, she has been writing and filling journals since she was young enough to hold a pencil and form words. Although writing brings her to a place of solace and joy, her most ambitious and fulfilling job in life thus far has been being a mother. Married for nearly two decades now, she and her husband share four daughters, who fill their lives with amusement, love, and drama daily. It is her lifelong goal to preserve her family’s history through the written word, pictures, and the human touch of love.

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I received an e-copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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