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Broken Dolls by BR Kingsolver - Review

Broken Dolls by BR Kingsolver

Private investigator RB Kendrick makes her living nailing cheating spouses, digging up other dirt to help in a divorce, finding long-lost relatives, and occasionally sniffing out criminal activity and fraud. When she takes a job to find a missing girl, she has no idea she is headed for the most dangerous case of her career. Usually, her ability to read minds gives her an edge. But when the people she’s hunting are also telepaths, that advantage is limited. The search takes her into the dark underbelly of telepathic society, where anything, and anyone, is for sale. She discovers that telepathic women and girls are being trafficked as the ultimate sex slaves. With people trying to kill her, she’s on the run, not knowing who she can trust. Will she find the missing girl, or become a victim herself?

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My Thoughts: Broken Dolls takes a horrible reality, human trafficking, and puts a paranormal twist on it. The search for one girl leads RB to uncover a horrible trafficking business that reaches international proportions. There was constant danger for RB and the people she hoped she could trust. I found myself holding my breath, hoping everyone would get out alive.

RB is an amazing character. First she has a large number of Gifts, more than most other telepaths and Druids around her. She uses her gifts, mostly, to stop people who are doing things wrong as a PI. I thought that was an awesome way to showcase her abilities. I loved her sense of loyalty. She also has morals about some things that others with Gifts don’t. She was tenacious, strong, and brave. She protected others, but could be vulnerable. She was a well rounded character full of depth, and I loved her.

As for the other characters, there were so many. I could have become confused, but I think that they all tied together nicely. I loved some of the people who helped RB out along the way. The different male characters were interesting. The twins were probably my favorite. The book was full of dreamy guys, good guys, bad guys, and people that just left me guessing right up until they revealed their true colors. I really enjoyed the female characters that helped RB the most. They were all strong females who threw themselves into the search.

I was expecting one ending in this book. I had myself sure of where things were heading. Then BR Kingsolver threw in a few wrenches to disrupt things. I ended up shocked at how things went at some points. I loved how the book ended. I think everyone who enjoys paranormal thrillers will love Broken Dolls. I can’t wait to read The Telepathic Clans Saga. It they are anything like this book then I will love them, and I hope to read more RB. She was such a great character; I want to know more of her story.


About the Author:

I made silver and turquoise jewelry for almost a decade, ended up in nursing school, then took a master's in business. Along the way I worked in construction, as a newspaper editor, and somehow found a career working with computers. I love the outdoors, especially the Rocky Mountains. I've skied since high school, with one broken leg and one torn ACL to show for it. I've hiked and camped all my life. I love to travel, though I haven't done enough of it. I've seen a lot of Russia and Mexico, not enough of England and France. Amsterdam is amazing, and the Romanian Alps are breathtaking. Lake Tahoe is a favorite. I have a very significant other, two cats and two Basset Hounds. I'm currently living in Baltimore, nine blocks from the harbor, but still own a home in New Mexico.

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  1. Awesome review, I totally agreed when I read Broken Dolls. Have you read any of the other Telepathic Clans series? They tell the story of Brenna, and some of the other characters that you meet in Broken Dolls, I've only read The Succubus Gift and Succubus Unleashed at the moment, but I'll be reading the third one shortly!

    1. Thanks! No I haven't read the Telepathic Clans series. I want to though. Broken Dolls was so good, and now I need to get the others.

    2. This one's my review of The Succubus Gift ( the review of book 2 isn't posted yet!

      Also, you can request to review them from B R Kingsolver's website, if you send in a contact form, I got ridiculously excited when I found out that I was allowed to review all three!

      The others are slightly different from Broken Dolls, they look at similar issues but not as in depth, and there is more focus on the Succubus gift itself. While I was reading I picked up on things that explained certain parts of Broken Dolls as well!