Friday, August 9, 2013

Within the Realm by Jillian Neal - Review

The Gifted walk among us. They are unseen, but in plain sight. The Earth’s energies are as visible to them as the tangible world is to us and they can harness and bend these forces to their will. Atop the Pentagon resides the government of the Gifted Realm. Rainer Lawson is set to join the ranks of Elite Officers in the Gifted Police force. With his fellow officers, they will work together, using their abilities, to try and end the most sinister criminal organization in existence. His parents fought and died to re-establish the Realm, and he won’t allow them to have sacrificed in vain. The will to protect those he loves has always driven Rainer, but his desperation to protect Emily, the love of his life, consumes him. While passions ignite and vengeance is sought, Rainer may discover that all of his money, fame, and power, could cost him the only thing that has ever truly mattered. -

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My Review: I found Within the Realm to be a very interesting book. It follows four Gifted young adults as they leave behind the last vestiges of their childhood and move into their new adult lives. It was very believable as far as typical college kids graduating and starting careers. Then, you add in the characters' abilities to summon and use energy and you get a whole other element to the story.

I don’t read many books that follow male stories. Within the Realm mainly tells Rainer’s story (love that name!!). He is sweet, respectful, and pretty much an all-around awesome guy. Emily can be sweet but she has so much spunk. More than once I chuckled at the things she said and did. Occasionally the story flips over to Logan, who is Emily’s older brother. He has typical big brother moments, but when it comes to his Adeline he is a major softy. Jillian Neal wrote some incredibly romantic guys.

I really enjoyed this story. The way the Gifted interact and even work together with the Non-Gifted is really interesting. I loved all the explanations of the different types of Gifted there are, called Predilects. The way each Predilict affected how the person controlled the energy around them was interesting.

Within the Realm has romance and action with an added bonus of sci-fi and fantasy. I think the next book will really take off with the action. I think it will appeal to readers who enjoy sci-fi/fantasy romances. I would definitely suggest that readers be over 18 due to sexual content. I’m looking forward to the next book.



Author Bio

Jillian Neal is the author of “The Gifted Realm” series of novels. She has a passion for telling strong, character driven stories that stretch the imagination. Her debut novel “Within the Realm” was released in 2013, with the next installments of the series soon to follow. She lives near Atlanta with her husband and children. For more information, visit her website at   Follow: Twitter -@ jilliannealauth Website -   Follow the Book Tour

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